World Art Day

World Art Day is an international day that celebrates fine arts. This day was declared by the International Association of Art (IAA/AIAP), a partner of UNESCO, to promote awareness of creative activity all over the world.
The first World Art Day was held on 15 April, 2012. The date was chosen to honour Leonardo da Vinci, who was born on the same day, in 1452.
Leonardo da Vinci was chosen for his influence on science and arts, and to represent world peace, freedom of expression, tolerance and brotherhood.
He is the most influential artist in the world and is significant even in today’s world. He picked up knowledge in diverse fields like mechanics, carpentry, metallurgy, architectural drafting and chemistry. He played a crucial part in the Renaissance period and produced works like ‘Mona Lisa’, ‘St. Jerome in the wilderness’, ‘Adoration of the Magi’, etc.
What can one learn from Leonardo da Vinci?
Here are qualities that students can imbibe from him –
  1. Curiosity
Curiosity is a desire to learn or know something. Students who are curious and question things around them will be able to learn a lot from their surroundings.
  1. Independent Thinking
Educators should encourage the students to learn by thinking for themselves. Spoon-feeding knowledge will deprive the students of the ability to think. It may restrict their thoughts to a certain level.
  1. Sharpen the senses
Observing with all senses is a great way to develop creativity. Students can take time to sharpen their thoughts by analysing and thinking about everything around them.
  1. Balance logic and imagination
Students should have a right balance of logic and imagination. While logic will help them imbibe reasoning skills, imagination will help them develop their creativity.
  1. Learn something new everyday
Students should be inquisitive and should have the eagerness to learn something every day. This will not only develop their knowledge but will also improve their skills and curiosity.
How can schools celebrate ‘World Art Day’?
Here are some ways through which schools can make this day memorable –
  1. Have an expert teach a new form of art to the students
Schools can contact artists who can teach the students a new form of art for a week. Artists can also talk to the students about the importance of art and how it adds to creativity.
  1. Drawing and painting competition
Schools can conduct drawing/painting competition to bring out the creativity in every student.
  1. Create something new
Students can be encouraged to create something new and unique. The best creation can be awarded a prize and the remaining creations can be displayed in the school. Schools can also conduct an art exhibition. They can have stalls selling art that has been created by the students.
  1. Allow students to follow their imagination
The world of imagination is endless. Students should be encouraged to follow their imagination and come up with unique ideas. For this, ‘unique ideas’ competition can be held, where each child can come up with a unique idea.
  1. Encourage curiosity
Schools should encourage the students to be curious and should make it a point to often kindle their thoughts.
By introducing students to the world of art, teachers can help them cultivate creativity, curiosity and imagination.
While art may not be considered as a core skill, it is however essential for students to develop an artistic flair from a very young age. Leonardo da Vinci is an example of how one can succeed in science and art just by having the curiosity to learn.