Values Education

Keystones is a comprehensive, structured value enrichment program designed and developed for one teaching period a week. It is structured to facilitate experiential learning ensuring value enrichment.

Main features

The program is designed age wise from Class 5 to 9

It is a 10 month program with 30 sessions a year.

It cover eight values per year

The objective of values education is to equip and empower every child with the right values which helps them take the right decisions and prepares them better for the future. Imparting good values in children is the genesis of a better society, a better nation, a better world.

The values have been derived from mapping the UNESCO framework for value education in schools and the Indian Constitution – Fundamental Duties list of values.

STUDENTS Eight workbooks per year, One workbook per value.

Six sessions of assessment (Two formative and two summative).

TEACHERS Program orientation

Defined and structured delivery modules week after week

Continuous interactions with team Greycaps.

24 sessions of values to be discussed in class by the teacher

Facilitator field book – teacher material

CDs for 24 sessions with films and videos wherever required.

If you are a school and are keen to know more about Keystones - Values Education Science or subscribe to it, reach out to us!

Phone: 080-41202438/ 42168124.