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Revisiting Childhood

Children’s day is celebrated on 14 November every year. This day marks the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who was fondly called as Chacha Nehru or Chachaji by the children.
Pandit Nehru often believed in nurturing the children with love and care. He oversaw the development and education of children in the country, during his tenure as the Prime Minister.
India started celebrating Children’s Day or Bal Diwas on 14 November from the year 1964, the year when Pandit Nehru passed away. Prior to this, India had been following the UN’s date of 20 November to celebrate the day.
Here are some ways to revisit your childhood this children’s day:
  1. Do something that doesn’t involve technology
     Keep the phone and the other gadgets away. Spend time with family and friends by meeting them and talking to them in person.
  1. Pick a hobby
     As children, we would have had many hobbies like collecting stamps and coins, painting, dancing, etc. Taking up a childhood hobby is a great way to celebrate  children’s day.
  1. Connect with nature
We have often spent most part of our childhood by playing on the roads and in the parks. Visiting a park or playing with children can make this day a memorable occasion.
  1. Recall old memories
A great way to recall childhood would be by talking about it. Photos or videos from childhood can help one visit the past easily. Teachers can address the classroom by talking about their childhood.
Here are some unique activities that can be taken up for children’s day:
  1. Spend time outdoors
Teachers can develop activities that involve children spending time outdoors. This can include musical chair, games on the playground or even a nature walk.
  1. Treat the children
Teachers can gift stationery items like pencils and pens to the children. This day can be made more memorable by creating something useful out of waste, like a paper mache stand or a clay pen stand.
  1. Create memories
Teachers can encourage the students to create art. A collage with childhood photos of all the students or a cardboard with hand prints of all the students can be created and treasured as a memory.
  1. Plant a sapling
Teachers can make use of this opportunity to address environmental issues. The class can plant saplings in the school or in the neighbourhood. This activity will help make children’s day a unique day and the saplings will continue to remind the students of the celebrations.
Children’s day is not just about children or childhood. It also applies to adults who are still young at heart.  
Happy Children’s Day!