Math in everyday life

Mr. P.V.Satya Ramesh is a Coordinator - Academic Systems, in Shanti Asiatic School, Ahmedabad. He teaches mathematics and psychology for the secondary and the senior secondary classes. With a teaching experience of more than 15 years, Mr. Satya Ramesh has published his articles in many magazines.

In this article of his, Mr. Satya talks about how mathematics has been a part of his everyday life.


Why are there English alphabets in algebra?
What use is learning theorems?
Statistics is only learning how to draw graphs! The importance of mathematics for most students is vague. Be it formulae or negative numbers the students are not aware of its use. As a Math teacher, I have had to try hard to convince students when they have come to me with a very practical question like, “How are the concepts being taught in Math useful to us in our lives”?
A goldsmith, a software engineer, a real estate agent, a farmer, a writer or an industrialist, almost every profession demands some knowledge of mathematics. Even in our everyday life, mathematics is used in many ways, here is an example…
  • Number System taught me success is never ending.
  • Congruence taught me all are equal.
  • Inequalities taught me rich and poor coexist.
  • Circles taught me that none is an exception to the challenges of the life cycle.
  • Relations taught me to carry on a relation that never breaks.
  • Angles taught me divergent thinking.
  • Coordinate system taught me to be careful while travelling on the right path.
  • Trigonometry taught me to perceive nature scientifically.
  • Solutions to equations taught me to be balanced in problem solving.
  • Algebra taught me to be precise in expression.
  • Mensuration taught me that quantification makes estimation easy and reliable.
  • Progressions taught me that any significant increase or decrease in our efforts will affect the result.
  • Business mathematics taught me to be objective in transactions.
  • Statistics made me a good interpreter.
In all, MATHEMATICS taught me to be always
M – Motivated
A – Active
T – Trustworthy
H – Humble
E – Eligible
M – Memorable
A – Attentive
T – Tolerant
I – Introspective
C – Creative and
S – Sensible.