The Paper Chase

Based on John Jay Osbourne’s 1971 novel called the ‘Paper Chase’, the movie is about the life of James Hart, an aggressive, bright and engaging young first-year student at Harvard University. The movie focuses on the role of Professor Charles Kingsfield, a brilliant and demanding law instructor at the university whose dictatorship dreads miseries in the minds of the students, but at the same time measures a certain amount of hero worship in them. Kingsfield rarely acknowledges brilliance in class but is always the first to criticise his students.
The movie also looks at the relationship which develops between Hart and professor Kingsfield. As Hart falls in love with professor Kingsfield’s daughter, life at college becomes more difficult for him.
The movie looks at the different kinds of students who study at Harvard School and draws a sketch on their lives there. The movie also points out the tough challenges that a law student must endure, especially if they are studying in a prestigious university such as Harvard.
John Houseman won an Oscar for playing the role of Professor Kingsfield in the movie. A TV series under the same name was also aired which showcased the life of James Hart through his four years at law school. This is a must watch a film for all educators!