Hichki is a movie on the life of a teacher who is determined to bring about a change despite her physical limitations. Based on the American drama film named ‘Front of the Class’, the movie is about the physical hardships faced by the teacher, Naina Mathur, who suffers from a neurological disorder called the ‘Tourette Syndrome’ which causes involuntary vocal and bodily movements.
Made in charge of a class full of underprivileged, disinterested and rebellious students, she initially faces rejection from both the teachers and students who make fun of her neurological problem. She, however, uses her kindness as a tool to heal and mend her students’ behaviour to help them become well-respected individuals.
The film also explores the painful and embarrassing experiences Naina faced through her childhood at school and at home, and how she manages to turn her weakness into her biggest strength to become a pillar of support for her students.
Released in March 2018, the film was directed by Siddharth Malhotra and is a must-watch movie on all educator’s list.