Death at an early age: The Classic Indictment of Inner-City Education

Winner of the ‘National Book Award’, Death at an Early Age: The Classic Indictment of Inner-City Education is a book which calls for a different cause. The book highlights the experiences of the author Jonathan Kozol as he enters one of the most over-crowded inner-city schools, The Boston's Education System, in 1964.
The book describes the disturbing transition of the ‘destruction of hearts and minds in the state’s public school’ and the racial segregation and inequalities that existed in the education system back then. The author also talks about the crumbling structure of the Boston’s society and highlights several factors that leads to its demise.
The book ends by documenting an event that the author faced when he read out a Langston Hughes poem in class.
Drawing an elaborate sketch on the education system that existed 50 years ago, the book indicates the importance to eradicate racial segregation which seems prevalent even in today’s education.