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Top 10 essential things that every teacher needs

A classroom is always full of surprises; a sick student one day, a power failure the next and so on. Thus, it is imperative for a teacher to be prepared for all sorts of inconveniences and major shutdowns.
Here are 10 essential items that every teacher can have in class-
  1. Extension Cord - Unfortunately, not many classrooms have the required electrical outlets to support all the electrical appliances that we take to class. This could include cords for computers, projectors, speakers and chargers. Thus, carrying an extra cord may help prevent any last-minute glitches in class.
  2. Medical supplies - Teaching can turn out to be stressful, especially while teaching a noisy class. Therefore, it may help a teacher to keep a stock of paracetamol tablets or other painkillers with them in case of emergencies.
  3. Set of spare clothes - A spare set of clothes at hand proves to be of great help in case there is a pen leak, nosebleed, etc. It will also help if there is sports day practice or a painting competition that may need supervision.
  4. Hand sanitizer - It is important for a teacher to carry a bottle of hand sanitizer while dealing with a large group of students as germs and diseases could be easily spread.
  5. Toolkit - A small toolkit may help a teacher survive any emergencies in the room in case there is a power failure. Tools such as a screwdriver and a set of pliers help adjust screws, unjam a window or even fix loose wires. After their usage, teachers can safely lock all the tools so that the students don’t get hold of them.
  6. Snacks – A day at school and activities can be a very tiresome and it is important for teachers to stay energetic throughout the day. Light snacks, biscuits, chocolates and candies come to our rescue during that time. Candies help provide instant energy while nuts, cereals and biscuits can be stored over large periods of time and are healthier options.
  7. Water – A glass of water is always advised for teachers every 20 minutes. Drinking water at regular intervals not only keeps the body hydrated, but also helps soothe the throat which is strained due to constant talking class after class.
  8. Adhesive tape and sticky notes - Duct tape can help repair anything from handbags to heels. Transparent tape helps to patch mobile phone screens, textbook covers, etc. Sticky notes on the table may help a teacher recognise where each student sits and also help distinguish between their books.
  9. Personal Hygiene Products - Carrying an emergency grooming kit may help a teacher prepare for any emergency meetings and could help them look presentable.
  10. Flashlight and batteries - A flashlight is an essential tool which the teachers may need in case there is a power failure. Having a flashlight on your phone is also a good option and may help in case of an emergency.
An important help that a teacher may need is another teacher whom he/she can approach in the time of need. It could also be a friendly colleague who could cover for the teacher in case there is a health problem or an emergency. Therefore, it is important for a teacher to connect with their fellow teachers to get through the day and to support and help each other.