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Liberating Education

It’s been 72 years since India has attained independence from the hands of the British. Over the decade, it has grown from a toddler to a confident ‘youth nation’ as it proudly is today.
Most of the changes in education was brought in through the introduction of western reforms in the Indian soil. Here language and culture became two major players that helped education undergo a dramatic shift which evolved from the traditional gurukul system to a modern one, that incorporates technology. But, have we as a country utilised education to help us expand our learnings beyond the four walls of a classroom?
Over the years, education has taught learners majorly to accumulate textbook knowledge without actually knowing how to think and apply what is learnt. This inability of not knowing how to apply the knowledge that one had learnt in school to a real-life situation, is a problem many face.
The key in resolving this issue is to educate students to think ‘independently’ and to apply the lesson that they have learnt in class, to their lives. Independent thinking is what takes learning beyond the four walls of a classroom and makes education universal and not text-book centric.
Thus, this Independence Day, let’s encourage students to think independently and not limit their learnings to the pages of their textbook. Let’s create a generation of knowledge providers who are able to think, reason and create ideas that will help the world grow and not simply become mute knowledge consumers. As Albert Einstein had once quoted “Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.”, lets change that few to many in the generations to come. This Independence Day, let’s liberate learning!
Happy Independence Day!