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World Water Day

"Thousands have lived without love, not one without water."
                                                                                 - W.H. Auden
World Water Day is annually held on 22 March. With a different theme every year, this day focuses on the importance of freshwater and promotes the sustainable management of freshwater resources.
Water is a very important natural resource for survival. As we all know, there would not be life on planet Earth if not for water. Knowing the importance of water on the planet, we should learn to conserve it too. Things like conservation, value of water and the right usage should be taught to kids from a young age, which will help them in retaining the information and following it better in the future.
Children at school and at home can do their bit to conserve water. This World Water Day, children can be taught to start conserving water by following the steps mentioned below.
  1. To close the taps after use - Leakage of water from taps is the most common way in which water is wasted, and in large quantities. Even a few drops of water is important. The child should be taught to tightly close taps after using them, in school and at home.
  2. To close taps while brushing the teeth - Few children and adults leave the tap open while brushing the teeth. Children have to be taught that this is a bad habit and doing so wastes a lot of fresh water.
  3. Using minimal amount of water for washing utensils and washing cars - A lot of water is unnecessarily wasted to wash utensils and cars. The amount used for the same can be minimised.
  4. Conserving rain water - During monsoon, a great amount of fresh water runs off the roads and terraces and gets mixed with the drain. This fresh water can be stored and be used for other useful purposes or during water problems in summer. Rainwater harvesting is one example of conserving rain water.
  5. The kids can be told to monitor the washrooms in the schools for any leaks, they can be told to talk to their parents and helpers at home to use as little water as possible to clean the house, to wash utensils or car or for any other purpose.
As Loren Eiseley, an American philosopher rightly said, "If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water", it is water that is everybody's lifeline and it is our responsibility to save it for the generations to come. Let the magic live on.