World Music Day

World Music Day is an annual music celebration that takes place on 21 June every year. First celebrated in Paris in 1982, this day went on to be celebrated in 120 countries across the world.
The significance of this day is to appreciate and celebrate music across borders, languages and music genres. Music is a widely accepted form that evokes an emotion, soothes the mind and ensures the overall functioning of the body.
Celebrations of the World Music Day in educational institutions is done to sensitise and educate students on the appreciation of music. Schools across the world use the day to hold functions, concerts and music programs to educate the young on the importance of music. Here are a few ways by which music can be assimilated as a part of the daily functions of a school-
  • Schools can try to incorporate the use of music in not just assemblies, but also in the extra-curricular activities for the day. Music is proven to relax the mind of students and increase their performance which enables them to do better.
  • Teachers may try to use pleasant or meditative music while teaching a class that is distracted. Pleasant music helps to increase the attention span of the students which enables them to concentrate better.
  • Teachers can approach several difficult or important topics of a lesson with the help of music. Incorporating the use of lyrics that are based on the contents of the lesson helps students with auditory learning style grasp better and, the tune assists in repetition and reinforcement of the topic. This enables students to learn better.
  • Schools can also use music as an effective tool for special education. Music helps students to calm down while making the whole learning experience enjoyable.
  • Teachers can also use music to educate students to explore and learn beyond the boundaries of the school. Teachers can identify, motivate and help students who are musically inclined to take professional vocal classes, learn a musical instrument, etc. This helps them to grow in terms of their musical skill and do better in other aspects of life and not just academics.
The World Music Day reminds us of the larger role played by music in our lives and how we must appreciate it. From birth to death, every event in our lives begins with music and it is important that we educate the younger generation to make maximum use of its potential to ensure their well-being and to represent, understand and uphold their individual cultures.