World Health Day

The World Health Day is a global awareness day which is celebrated on 07 April every year under the sponsorship of the World Health Organisation (WHO) along with several other organisations and NGO's.
World Health Day 2019
The World Health Day 2019 focuses on communicating the importance of equity in health care services that not only focus on improving the health of individuals but also the health of economies and society at large.
Individual changes to promote better health
This World Health Day, let us as individuals, promote the aspect of good health by practicing a few changes in our current lifestyle. As necessary as it is to raise awareness for fighting the problems of today's world - be it diseases, mental disorders or other stressors, it is also vital that one begins at the grassroots levels on bringing about a change in one's personal lifestyle to promote, participate and assimilate the good ideas of the World Health Day. Here are 5 remedies on staying healthy in today's world
1.Green Foods- Green leafy vegetables and foods contain enormous nutrients and minerals that add value to an individuals diet. Green vegetables, green apples, bell peppers, French beans, broccoli and green olives help strengthen the immune system and reduce blood pressure. They also help clean the body from toxins and helps improve the skin, nails and hair.
2.Yoga- An adaptation of specific bodily postures to promote health and relaxation, yoga is one of the effective ways to promote individual health both physically and spiritually. Yoga helps maintain a balanced metabolism and promotes cardio and circulatory health. It also helps in weight reduction and increases the flexibility of the body. Overall, yoga also helps promote a positive state of well-being.
3.Sleep- Adequate amount of sleep is very essential in an individual’s everyday life. Though it is advised that individuals need to get 8 hours of sleep, this number varies among individuals based on their sleeping patterns. An essential amount of sleep can help keep the brain active and also helps improve immune function. A good amount of sleep also helps improve attention and concentration and reduces the effects of depression.
4.Eye care- The eyes provide an indicator of the kind of lifestyle and health condition a person possesses. Therefore, it is vital that one takes care of his/her eyes. Steering away or reducing the screen use of computers, tablets and other electronic gadgets will provide a huge relief to the eye. Consuming foods such as carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts help improve the eyesight and also maintains them.
5.Pets as companions- Having a pet offers numerous health benefits. Pets may help in boosting the immune system, lowering blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart attack and boosting the overall mood. Plus, having a pet also encourages you to go out and exercise together.
6.Maintain a work-life balance- An important aspect that seriously needs to be handled in an equal proportion is the balance between life at work and the life at home. An improved work-life balance helps increases productivity, lower stress levels and reduces the number of leaves taken by an employee. A healthy work-life balance helps an individual look at situations in a positive light and also improves on his relations with the people around him.
7.Stress Management- Stress is a common condition that occurs on a daily basis in an individual's life. Thus, it is important for people to handle their stress effectively to prevent it from adversely affecting their health. Apart from the added benefit of reducing stress, stress management also helps to improve sleep and reduce irritability, anxiety and depression. It also helps increase the immunity and overall helps an individual to be at ease with the situations around him or her.
8.Stay positive- People who are optimists tend to have healthier behaviours including eating healthier and getting better sleep. Staying positive through the day helps improve the overall mood while reducing stress and increasing the antioxidant levels. It also helps to improve the overall health and is good for the heart.