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Road Safety Week

The Road Safety Week is a national event that is celebrated from the 11th to the 17th of January, which is aimed at raising public awareness about traffic rules and to reduce the number of road accidents that occur on a daily basis.
Though the day is celebrated by the government, it is also celebrated by several educational and private institutions who organise and provide support for the Road Safety Week campaign.
Road Safety Week is promoted in Metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai where citizens are encouraged to learn about road safety.
Road Safety Week 2019
India will celebrate its thirtieth Road Safety Week from 11 January to the 17 January 2019. Last year, the Road Safety Week was celebrated between the 23rd to the 30th of April under the guidelines of the Ministry of Transport and Highways and National Security Council. The event was marked with awareness-raising campaigns and fundraising for NGOs working for road safety.
How is Road Safety Week celebrated?
  1. Various materials pertaining to road safety such as posters, leaflets, bookmarks are distributed among the travelers on the road.
  2. Commuters are explained the methods and the necessities of road safety. Two-wheel riders are taught the importance of using helmets while car drivers are counselled to use seat belts while driving.
  3. Various painting competitions are organised in school and several workshops and road safety announcements are made to sensitise students about road safety.
  4. Traffic safety games including road safety card games, puzzles and board games are organized to educate school children.
Importance of Road Safety Week
Celebrating the Road Safety Week was initiated by the ISS India HSE (Health Safety Environment) in order to make people aware of national road safety in the Indian subcontinent. The campaign was to emphasise and accentuate people about the need to safe roads by applying a few simple rules.
More than 1.25 million people around the globe lose their lives to traffic mishap and more than 50 million get injured often landing in disabilities. The loss of life results in the loss of livelihood, not to forget the emotional trauma a family goes through by the death of a loved one.
Thus, the Road Safety Week tries to curb all these problems by creating an awareness on how people must stay safe on the roads and to ensure the safety of others as well.
How to remain safe on the road?
  1. Always wear a helmet when you riding a bicycle or a bike.
  2. Ensure that the pillion rider also wears a helmet.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings.
  4. Keep yourself informed about road signs and signals.
  5. Immediately report any rash driving to the concerned authorities.
  6. Keep your vehicle fit.
  7. Make sure you and co-passengers are wearing a seat belt while travelling in a car.
  8. Avoid speaking on the phone and playing loud music while travelling on a two-wheeler or car.
  9. Do not drink and drive and never let anyone else in your company do so.
  10.  Do not overspeed above the recommended speed levels on roads. A mishap could come in the form of a living object or a pothole which could endanger your life and the others on the road. 
What can schools do?
  1. Schools can organise a session where traffic rules are explained. Each class can be given the responsibility to present a particular issue.
  2. Traffic police from the locality can be invited to the school to address the children.
  3. In collaboration with the authorities, children of older classes can take up the responsibility of managing traffic on roads.
  4. Posters and placards can be made, and a march on the streets can be organised to spread awareness. 
  5. Competitions such as poster making, slogan writing, drawing, poetry writing, story writing, etc. can be organised with road safety as the theme.