National Technology Day

National Technology Day is celebrated all over India on 11 May every year. The day is observed to celebrate India’s three major milestones in the field of science and technology. They are, the nuclear bomb tests conducted at Pokhran in Rajasthan, the test firing of the indigenously developed ‘Trishul’ missile and the test flight of the indigenous aircraft ‘Hansa-3’. All the three events happened on 11 May, 1998.
Based on these groundbreaking achievements by Indian scientists, engineers as well as technicians, 11 May was declared as ‘National Technology Day’.
To commemorate this day, Technology Development Board (TDB) has started the ‘TDB National Award’ for technology start-ups, MSMEs and for the successful commercialisation of indigenous technology. The award is conferred on to various individuals and industries by the President for their successful achievement in the field of technology.
Importance of technology in our daily life
Today we cannot expect our life without technology. They are extremely essential in our daily life as they make things simpler and faster. We use technology in the day-to-day life like, smartwatches to tell the heartbeat rate and calories intake, computers and mobiles for communication and business, robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), etc.
Entertainment: Innovative technology is transforming the ways in which consumers consume their favourite entertainment. Digital streaming platforms, subscription-based movie ticketing services, etc. has made the service available easily.
Like in games and sports, virtual gaming creates a digital world that gives one feeling of being present in the game.
Education: Technology has also begun to change the roles of teachers and learners. In traditional classrooms, teachers are the prime source of information and the learners passively receive it. Technology has redesigned the learning space and has introduced digital education for teaching purposes which helps the teacher to deliver knowledge in an interactive way.
Agriculture: Technology has played a huge role in developing the agricultural industry. It is possible to grow crops in a desert area using agricultural biotechnology. In rural areas, farmers use advanced method to grow crops, track pest attack and controls the same with the help of technology.
Hospitality:  Technology is changing the hospitality industry drastically. Now, customers expect a faster, efficient and perfect service from every business they encounter, whether that be a small family run restaurant or a big chain hotel. Thus, the technical revolution makes it possible for the hospitality sector to give a satisfactory service.
How schools can celebrate National Technology Day
Schools and educational institutes are encouraged to participate in celebrating National Technology Day which will help students understand the importance of technology and its contribution in bringing a change in the country.
  • Interactive sessions on different aspects of technology can be organised to share knowledge on the latest update.
  • To expand students’ horizon, they must be encouraged to participate in quiz and science events. These events will create awareness among youth and will help build curiosity to know more.
Undoubtedly, science and technology has made life easier and simpler. We should all come together to make the innovations and discoveries fruitful for the human race. With the help of technology, let's make this world a better place to live in for today, tomorrow and forever.