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International Day of Forests

The ‘International Day of Forests’ (IDF) is celebrated around the world on 21 March, every year. The UN General Assembly proclaimed this day in 2012. This day aims to celebrate and raise awareness on the importance of forests.
IDF encourages countries to undertake activities involving forests and trees. The theme for each Forest Day is chosen by Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF). The theme for 2019 is ‘Forests and Education’.
Why are forests important?
Forests not only sustain and provide oxygen to the living organisms on the planet, but also maintain a balance in the ecosystem. They play a critical role in climate change, as studies have shown that global warming gets accelerated when the trees are cut. They provide food, shelter, water and even medicines to millions of people and other animals all over the planet.
How to celebrate this day?
The conscious decision to conserve and protect our environment starts right at the school level. Schools can take up certain activities to educate the future generation about the role of forests.
Here are things that teachers/schools can do:
  1. Understand the role of forests
Teachers can talk to the students and explain about the role of forests in our lives. Schools can have a guest lecture or can even have an awareness camp to address the issue of deforestation and global warming.
  1. Plant a tree
A single sapling can make a lot of difference in the ecosystem. Schools can organise a plantation drive and encourage each student to plant at least one sapling.
  1. Neighbourhood awareness drive
Schools can adopt a neighbourhood and can conduct a plantation drive. Students can address the importance of forests by conducting a skit or talking to the people in the locality.
  1. Photography contest
Schools can conduct photography contest for students to click photos of their garden or the nature around them.
  1. Create videos
Teachers can talk about conservation and create short videos of the same. The videos can be uploaded online to reach many people.
Forest education plays an important role in today’s world where conservation and judicial use of resources are extremely vital. With sustainable development being the need of the hour, it is crucial not only for the students, but also for every single person in the community to understand the role of forests and lend a hand in the conservation of the same.