Revival – The Traditional Way

The Teachers’ Qwiz organized by National hill View Public School (NHVPS) never fails to enthrall teachers across the city. Teachers, like children, wait eagerly every year to take part in this one of a kind event. Buzzers are pressed; hands are raised to answer the questions and there is cheering all around. All these associated with children quizzing, is seen here, where there is a reversal of roles.  Teachers enjoy themselves to the fullest.


On the 13th year of the Qwiz, ‘Revival’ was all that was reverberating in the auditorium. The theme truly reflected in the settings too. There were traditional grinding stones, mortar and pestle and rangolis of different sizes and colours adorning the entrance and various games and activities engaging the teachers.
Rangoli at the entrance
NHVPS teachers’ dedication and commitment to the event is worth a mention - be it the arrangements, food or the giveaways. There are handmade giveaways every year for all the teachers who participate in the event. This year, it was eco-friendly ‘tie and dye bags’ with beautiful patterns.
Tie & Dye giveaways
When it was finally time for the quiz, there was competitive atmosphere, with each team wanting to take on one of the six spots on stage. The onstage finale was a tense one. Each of the teams on stage quizzed their bit, and the team from Sindhi School, Hebbal emerged as the winners. Smt. Girija Nagarajan and Smt. Rachna Sharma were elated to win the Qwiz and so were the other teachers from their school. “Mr. Giri’s quizzes are always fun and interesting. I would do anything to be a part of it. We were lucky this year! We won!” an elated Smt. Girija said.
Winners of Qwiz 2016
True to the theme, for a few hours that day, all the teachers’ childhoods were ‘revived’ and their childlike enthusiasm was infectious.