What does Teaching mean to me?

Mrs. Vinoda Harikrishna Rao, the Vice-Principal of The Brigade School, Malleswaram, speaks of how teaching is her ‘life line’ and what teaching means to her.

Teaching is my life line. For me teaching is an amalgamation of vocation and avocation. I have pursued my dream to be a teacher with wakeful eyes.  Hence I have never felt the drudgery of the profession in the two decades of teaching. I have drifted from being a teacher to a facilitator to meet the contemporary challenges and the changing face of the student centric curriculum.
What can be more promising for me when two students from std 10 hope to be my colleagues in my school, some day, teaching English?
Teaching is not only instilling knowledge and values but also motivating and empowering the future generation to follow the path which teachers have once tread on. Teaching in the twenty first century is neither a beaten path followed by few nor a road not taken by many.
I hope to change the face of the teaching profession some day and make it lovable and desirable.
As fire enkindles fire
So does Education spark the world.