A Recalling Experience

Ms. Lalitha Rajan teaches English for students of class 9 and 10 in National Hill View Public School, where she has been working from 2003. With an experience of more than 26 years, she has worked in reputed schools in Ahmedabad, Mehsana and Jamnagar.
In this article, she shares with theteacher.in, a game that she devised, which will help teachers keep the classroom interesting and engaging.

This is an improvised game that helps students recall and remember what they have already learnt.
First, 2 or 3 groups are formed. The teacher then improvises the Name, Place, Animal, Thing columns on the board to Mountains, Chemical Substances, Clothing Items, Figures of Speech.
The first group is given a letter.  For example, the letter 'S'. 
The group has to give the names of mountains, chemicals, clothing and figures of speech beginning with the letter S, within a time span of 60 seconds. They begin by saying Saputara Range, Salicylic acid, sari/ suit and after some thought they remember 'Simile'! After a few rounds with different alphabets the criteria changes! To help students who are not motivated to participate, the teacher can include the names of food items, cartoon characters, names of various subjects, etc. This game always interests students and improves their vocabulary when utensils in the kitchen, garden, instruments are included!
Changing the items keeps the game alive and students award their group 40 points if they are able to answer within the 60 seconds! (Time is monitored by the other groups!)