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International Day of Families

Celebrated on the 15th May every year, International Day of Families is a celebration of the importance of families and of viewing families as the most intimate social unit, the school of love and peace.

The theme for the year 2016 is ‘Families, healthy lives and sustainable future’.
In recent years, the structure of a well-defined family has gone through many changes, but one must remember that family is the first and the most solid pillar of support that one can lean on in times of sickness and sorrow, as well as celebrate with, in times of happiness and health.
An activity the children can do with their parents on this day, is play Charades. Charades is a game in which players try to guess a word or phrase from the actions of another player who is not allowed to speak. This can be made more interesting by having topics, specific to the family, being acted out.
Keeping in mind the theme for the year,
1. Children from the primary classes can draw how they think their family will be, in 10 years’ time.

2. Children from the higher classes can talk about what their families do, to manage waste at home.