Miles Teller plays Andrew Neyman, a 19- year old, ambitious jazz drummer, who is focused on his pursuit to rise to the top of the country’s most elite music school. Disturbed by his father’s failed writing career, Andrew leaves no stone unturned to become the best of the bests. One night, the instructor, Terence Fletcher, finds Andrew practicing the drums. Fletcher, played by JK Simmons, is equally popular for his teaching talent as he is for his terrifying methods of teaching. To Andrew’s surprise, the next day, Fletcher gets him transferred into his band. From thereon, Andrew’s dream finds a mentor in the form of this new teacher.
The audience gets to witness Andrew's passion turning into an obsession, as his merciless instructor continues to push him to the brink of his sanity. 
In the course, Andrew’s personality and his relationship with his family takes a toll. His family can barely recognise the stone-faced, obsessive person sitting at their dinner table. Love finds Andrew when he meets Nicole, the counter girl at a local theatre. Here too, his musical obsession threatens to put his romantic outing off the track. 
As Andrew gets nearer to achieving perfection, his social life gets to nil. Even his relationship with Fletcher encounters trouble due to Andrew’s aggressive attitude towards his ambitions.  Andrew’s journey in the music school can be seen as a mix of his descent into madness and his ascent to greatness.
This teacher- student story is a unique one as it explores the world of extremes: of obsession, of ruthlessness and undergoing personal transformation on the way.
Directed and written by Damien Chazelle, the movie earned several Oscars nominations in 2015, and went on to clinch the trophy for Best Achievement in Film Editing, Best Achievement in Sound and a well-deserved Best Supporting Actor Oscar for JK Simmons.