Edward De Bono - Teach Your Child How to Think

The belief that intelligence and thinking are the same has led to some unfortunate conclusions:
1. Students with high intelligence are automatically good thinkers.
2. Students with low intelligence can never be good thinkers.
3. The more information you have the smarter you are.
4. Wisdom can't be taught. It comes with age and experience.
Our increasingly complicated lifestyle demands clear and constructive thinking: making decisions, making choices, taking initiatives, and being creative. Watching television for twenty to thirty hours a week, as many children do, results in a passive mind that can only copy what others are doing (including violence). Give your child a better chance in life by teaching him/her how to think. Thinking is a skill and even a superior brain is wasted without it.
With examples, exercises, games, and drawings, Dr. de Bono, a Rhodes Scholar and a leading authority on the direct teaching of thinking, demonstrates the difference between intelligence and thinking, and provides a step-by-step method for helping children develop clear and constructive thinking.
Edward de Bono's renowned educational program for developing children's thinking skills has been adopted in countries and schools around the world. Teaching the child how to think helps him/her develop a clear and constructive thinking pattern that an increasingly complicated life demands. Even one or two thinking habits or tools taken from this book can strongly affect a child's whole life.