Teach like a Pirate

Based on two famous educational seminars called the ‘Outrageous Teaching’ and ‘Teach like a Pirate’, author David Burgess looks at how pirates can be daring and adventurous while inventing new ideas and techniques in sailing. He advises teachers to be like pirates in a good sense, where they can incorporate the necessary changes and adopt innovative teaching methods in the field of education.
The book offers explanations on how innovation helps transform the lives of the students and the teachers, while reasoning that technology helps to practically achieve their ideas. The author also points out that inspiration plays a very important factor in the learning process as it inspires and motivates students to do their best.
The author through the book provides ideas that would help transform a lesson into a life-changing experience while keeping the students engaged and also gives pointers on how to establish rapport in class.
Released in 2012, ‘Teach like a Pirate’ became a New York Best Seller in 2016. A ground-breaking inspirational manifesto on learning and creativity in a pirate way, Teach Like a Pirate should be a book that every teacher should read.