Super Child: Unlocking the secrets of working memory

Parents want to have one super power that will help their children grow not only in academics but also in life. Under the academic pressure, many children fail to evolve and are not future ready. Through this book, Gayatri Sehgal unveils the secret behind the working memory.
The book has a collection of comprehensive, exciting and group-oriented activities for junior school children. The author believes that it is essential to provide a learning environment for children to succeed and to keep abreast with the latest changes in the learning trends.
The book empowers parents to design each game and activity in such a way which will cater to each child’s need to facilitate learning. The exercises in the book is strategically planned to activate the working memory of young learners. The comprehensive exercise helps children to enhance their learning style creatively.
The book also helps develop skills to memorise, reform and assimilate information, thus preparing kids for the future. It is more likely that children will grasp the knowledge easily if learning is done in a fun and a creative way.
The activities mentioned in the book can be utilised for kids aged between six and eight by using the recyclable resources available at home. The book is apt for parents who seeks to nurture and prepare their young souls for upcoming future challenges in academics and in life.