Thank you, Mr. Falker

This real-life classic story has been written by Patricia Polacco and is an autobiographical tribute to her fifth-grade teacher.
Trisha, the protagonist, begins her kindergarten with high hopes. She slowly realises that her ability to learn is not as good as the others around her. Despite being good at art, she fails to do well in her academics. She reaches a stage where she is convinced that she is dumb, after noticing that she cannot read like other students.
When Trisha reaches fifth grade, she meets Mr. Falker. He sees the potential in Trisha and silences the students who taunt her. With help from Mr. Falker, Trisha blossoms into a wonderful student.
This book is a must-read for both, students and teachers. Young readers with learning difficulties will be able to identify themselves with Trisha and the teachers can gain an understanding of the pivotal role a teacher plays in the life of a student.