Language, Literacy and Early Childhood Education

A comprehensive guide for practicing educators and those who aspire to be teachers, Language, Literacy and Early Childhood Education is one book which deals with literacy and learning levels in childhood education. Focusing on language development for children from childbirth to the age of eight, the book encompasses the four main early childhood settings, which are family and the community, childcare, preschool years and the early years of school.
The book tries to draw links between the Early Years Learning Framework and the Australian Curriculum. The text is also based on the current theoretical practices in classrooms and includes practical strategies and activities that equip educators with knowledge and skill to support their students with language learning and literacy.
The newer version of the book also includes a Compendium of Teaching Strategies and Activities for Language and Literacy. The book contains relevant examples from research and practice along with learning activities that promote deeper understanding and newer practice for language learning.
Published in 2010, the book is an essential guide for early childhood educators.