Goodbye, Mr. Chips

‘Goodbye, Mr Chips’ is a book that talks about the life of a school teacher, Mr. Chipping. The book, written by the James Hilton, was published in 1934 and has been made into movies and television presentations. At the age of 85 and having spent a considerable part of his life as a teacher, Mr. Chipping now recalls his glorious past.
Mr. Chipping, fondly called Mr. Chips, is a man who never misses an opportunity to live his life.
During his career as a teacher at Brookfield, a boys’ school in England, he manages to impact and impress the students with his memory humour. His enthusiasm to teach becomes contagious and the students begin enjoying his classes. and
Seeing Mr. Chips’ lenient and kind-hearted nature, the headmaster asks him to discipline the boys with greater force. Despite not being an effective teacher, Mr. Chips manages to create a profound impact on the lives of the students. As the

years progress, Mr. Chips grows to be a headmaster and a
favourite among the students.
On the personal front, he ends up losing his wife within a year of marriage. This drives him to depression, but his role as a teacher comes to his rescue and he channels his attention towards the betterment of his students.
When Mr. Chips retires, he moves closer to the school to stay in touch with his students. As he nears death, his colleagues pity him for he never had any child of his own. Mr. Chips corrects them by saying he has had thousands of children over the years, as he always considered his students to be his own children.
This heart-warming tale talks about how a passionate teacher can go a long way in impacting the lives of students. A teacher who treats the students like his/her own child is never forgotten!