Girl Rising

Girl Rising is a documentary film that gave rise to the global movement for girl’s education by the same name. Released around International Women’s Day in 2013, it is a documentary that inspires people to educate girl children.
The movie tells the story of nine girls from nine different countries namely Sierra Leone, Haiti, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Peru, Egypt, Nepal, India, and Cambodia, which talk about their struggles to overcome societal and cultural barriers, due to the absolute power of education, or the lack of it.
The documentary is directed by Academy Award Nominee, Richard E. Robbins, written by acclaimed female writers, and voiced by celebrated actresses including Meryl Streep, Kerry Washington, Anne Hathaway and others.
The documentary was planned by journalists of the Documentary Group and has partnered with several NGO’s to impact global communities.
Released in 2013, the film was nominated for the 2014 Grand Jury Prize at the Winnipeg Reel to Reel Film Festival.