Dhanak (Rainbow)

Nagesh Kukunoor’s Dhanak (Rainbow), is a film about two young kids, Pari and Chhotu, who live in a secluded village of Rajasthan. Chhotu is blind, since the age of 4. In Pari’s quest to get her younger brother’s vision back, the kids are out on a mission to tell everyone that the world is not that bad a place to live in. 

Pari and Chhotu, with their whole heart, worship their respective heroes: Shah Rukh and Salman. They have blind faith on their heroes, so much so that  they both weave stories around the special powers of their favourite star, depending on the flip of a coin.

This particular sequence in the movie brings out the children’s innocence which will make one laugh and cry at the same time. They argue and fight daily, but Pari’s only support is Chhotu and his, Pari. The brother-sister’s chemistry in the movie is heart-warming.
The film aspires to encourage everyone to pursue child-like innocence, spread peace, love and optimism, treat everyone with compassion and practice the art of humanity.
The film, which was made in 2014, has won numerous awards in film festivals all over the world. It won two awards at the Berlin International Film Festival - The Grand Prix, for the best feature length film of the category, awarded by an international jury, and a Special Mention, chosen by a jury of 11 children and seven teenagers.
Kukunoor, the director, is internationally acclaimed and recognized for films like 3 Deewarein, Iqbal, Aashayein, and his 2014 film Lakshmi, which have also won numerous awards.A delight for every human heart, this is a must-watch for all age groups.