Coach Carter

Coach Carter is a 2005 American biography based on the true story of Ken Carter, a high school basketball coach.
The movie begins with Ken Carter (played by Samuel L. Jackson) taking over as the basketball coach at Richmond High School. He notices the players in the team to be disrespectful and rude. This prompts him to come up with a contract with rules on how to dress and behave, and the level of grades to be maintained in the classroom. Ken makes use of different leadership styles to motivate the players. On noticing their poor academic performance, Ken takes immediate action by locking the gym and cancelling all the games. act causes an uproar and the school eventually re-opens the gym. This
Just as Ken mulls over the idea of quitting, owing to the management voting to reopen the gym, he finds the players working hard to improve their grades. They eventually get their academic scores back on track and get qualified for the regional basketball playoffs.
Directed by Thomas Carter, ‘Coach Carter’ is a beautiful movie which highlights the importance of doing things with passion. It teaches the value of education, discipline and hard work.