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Experts Speak (Profiles)


Ms. Asha Fenn

Ms. Asha Fenn is an education & training industry veteran. She has 33 years of fruitful experience as an academician, trainer, educational consultant and corporate relations manager. She is extremely strong on interpersonal relations; is a skillful problem solver and has good understanding of academic and corporate engagements. She is also the author of ‘As you embark’- A campus to corporate transition handbook for MBA students. She has also been the Academic Advisor to various schools. In her 33 years of experience, she has been –

1. A Corporate Consultant for business schools to facilitate training on Corporate Finesse and Employability Skills.

2. Invited by the Maldives Education Minister for a tour of the Maldives education infrastructure, seeking her expertise as an education veteran.

3. A key catalyst and course coordinator for Centre for Development Studies, Kerala. She has also handled liaising with IAS, IPS and IFS officials to impart training to the right candidates.

Mrs. Sudeeptha Grama

Mrs. Sudeeptha Grama is a Counselling Psychologist in Bengaluru. She is the founder of ‘The CoffeeShop Counsellor’. She has studied and completed MSc - Clinical and Counselling Psychology and BA Psychology. She has had many clients in her 6 years of journey as a Counselling Psychologist. She is deeply passionate about educating people on mental health and actively advocates people of all ages to seek counselling without the various stigmas attached to it. She practices an eclectic approach by combining positive psychology, CBT and solution focused therapies. She believes in personalizing therapy for each client as there is no one solution for all.

About ‘The CoffeeShop Counsellor’

A professional counselling session, in a relaxed setting. The coffee shop counsellor combines a qualified counsellor with an informal atmosphere to bust myths about seeking help and make the counselling process less intimidating than commonly projected.

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