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Two teachers on a mission to educate children from poor background
– 24 January, 2019

Two teachers from North Yorkshire have helped set up three schools in north India, that are providing education to children from poorer sections of the society.
Sue Bretherton, a former Bootham Junior School head and Ian Bretherton, a former headteacher at Alne primary school started their journey as volunteers for a rabies awareness programme at Pushkar. The plight of the children and teenagers they saw haunted them. They wanted to contribute something to the society and make a difference. Later, in 2016 they came across Brett Cole, an American man who had set up rudimentary healthcare called ‘Vikas centre for Dalits’ in Pushkar. Ian and Sue decided to help Brett turn the centre into a full-fledged school. Thus, two years after the meeting with Brett, Vikas centre was turned into a school with proper infrastructure and three fully-qualified teachers. The school has been able to provide basic literacy, numeracy, IT skills and art classes to over 45 students, since then.

To help raise more funds for education, Ian and Sue set up the ‘Dragonfly Schools Foundation’ and started visiting Pushkar more often. During one of their visits, they heard of a teacher who had set up a school, Richa rehabilitation centre, in her own home to teach children with a range of disabilities. With the help of the foundation, Richa centre was able to provide basic education and therapy to children with learning or physical disabilities, from various backgrounds.

Ian and Sue were also able to help fund the Pushkar Children’s Trust House, which currently sponsors full-time school for 12 children.








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