SWAYAM courses available free for cost for students

SWAYAM courses available free for a cost for students
 - 26 March, 2020
During the times of social distancing where universities over the world are switching to digital platforms to continue teaching and assessment activities, the Ministry of Human Resources has recommended the use of resources by teachers to offer courses and students to continue their studies. 
SWAYAM is the Indian government's own Massive Open Online Course platform which has over 1900 courses in different streams available for free. The courses on the SWAYAM platform are integrated with conventional teaching and courses completed on SWAYAM can account for 20% of the credit assigned to a course.
Students who want a SWAYAM certificate can register for the final proctored exams after paying an examination fee and attend in-person at designated centers on specified dates.
Eligibility for the certificate will be announced on the course page and learners will get certificates only if these criteria are matched. Universities/colleges approving credit transfer for these courses can use the marks/certificate obtained in these courses for the same.
On SWAYAM, students can access courses level-wise, i.e. Secondary, Senior Secondary levels, or stream-wise, i.e. Arts, Math, Engineering, etc.
Some of the courses which started recently or will start in the coming few weeks include a course on ‘Critical Thinking’ being which is a course of 10 hours' duration. The course is at the undergraduate level.
A course that may be of interest to students in Humanities is ‘Cultural Studies’. The course will start soon and already has 1145 learners enrolled.
Another upcoming course that can interest upcoming coders is ‘Introduction of C and C++’. Students who wish to join this course will need to install compilers, instructions to which are provided on the course page.