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Anti-bullying and ragging policy for Delhi schools
 - 24 January, 2019

The Delhi government has organised a committee to frame anti-bullying and ragging policy for schools and a mechanism to monitor its implementation.
The schools have been asked to circulate the message- ‘bullying is strictly prohibited inside the premises and no such act will go unnoticed or unpunished’ through school magazines and display the message at prominent places in the campus.
The Directorate of Education said that, to have conducive environment at educational institution, it is necessary that the environment must be free from bullying and ragging. A respectful relationship must be developed between families, students and school administration.
The committee will be responsible for registering and ensuring that each bullying report is given justice. It will also maintain periodic reports consisting of all the information related to complaints received by them.
A helpline will be made operational, which will work confidentially, independently and remotely to help students in distress and for reporting incidents of bullying.
All the students are to be sensitised about human rights, democratic values for diversity, equality and respect privacy and dignity of others.
A complaint or feedback box must be installed in the school and it should be monitored regularly. It will help address the issue easily.
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